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Jean Jones in her Austin studio 

I'm an independent designer and handweaver based in Austin, Texas.

This year I celebrate 27 years in business. I started my artistic life in my studio as a production handweaver in the early 1990's. After growing my business, living abroad and traveling, then studying patternmaking and garment construction, I now design and produce my signature collection of women's clothing.

My collection is small batch produced, meaning the garments are carefully cut and sewn one piece at a time. My team and I work with a careful focus on the work itself, to bring you the best quality clothes that we can make. Everyone involved in our supply chain and the process of making the clothes is treated with kindness and paid a fair wage.

Natural, sustainable fabrics are found throughout the collection. I place a special focus on timeless shapes and proportions that fit and flatter real women's bodies. I want your pieces to bring you delight in your wardrobe for years to come. I love to add special details for you, too, like silk pocket lining in the Lillian Trouser and deep, alteration-friendly hems in the Market Dress. Some pieces are even made with my own handwoven fabrics, which I weave in my studio on a traditional floor loom.

In the Jean Jones Collection you will find made-to-last pieces that flatter your authentic style and individuality. In my collection, you can find yourself.

I am honored to design and produce handmade clothes for your sustainable wardrobe, for your enjoyment season after season, year after year.





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